My life's journey did not end with a revisit to Lahore and the rest of Pakistan. I served the Government of India a decade more and retired from New York as the Regional Director of Indian Tourism in 1981.

The post retirement life proved even more exciting and rewarding. I had offers to teach from US Universities as well as editing an ethnic Indian newspaper. But, I preferred to come home and write from India for foreign newspapers on Indian Tourism as well as Indian politics. I was clear in my mind that I will not take any regular job in travel industry in India irrespective of the remuneration offered.

As I returned to India, Delhi University immediately invited me to co-ordinate its post-graduate tourism studies which was relatively a new subject. The newly started Indian Institute of Travel Management requested me to retrain its younger officers in the Department of Tourism in Delhi as well as Tourism officers of the State Government. This too was to my liking and I enjoyed doing that. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) chose me for a number of assignments on training matters. Travel Agents Association of India asked me to advise them in public relations and publicity matters.

I had too many irons in the fire, so I gave up some and concentrated on creative writing. I wrote half a dozen books on Tourism related subjects – especially on travel management. That paid me dividends - while writing this piece, I am revising my book, 'Successful Tourism Management' for its fifth edition.

At 82, I have not retired – just slowed down!